Essays on Workforce Planning and Forecasting Assignment

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3.0 Workforce Planning and Forecasting: In order to be most viable, it is essential that the company have the right amount of staff with maximum talent levels. Workforce planning and forecasting should align with the organization's mission statement and budgetary resources. Ideally, the company would like to hire based on forecasted projections, however this is hypothetical. Our company will maximize current talent and hire on a as needed basis. Current talent will be utilized to its full capacity and as the company grows increasing budgetary resources, then qualified candidates will be added to staff.

4.0 Recruitment: The recruitment process will consist of an internal and external search. The internal search will be conducted as promoting current employees can prove beneficial because they are already familiar with protocol, procedures and daily operations. Also, internal recruitment may boost morale as this insinuates the chance for advancement and growth within the company. An external audit will be performed as well as hiring from the external may prove best. Selecting a candidate from the community pool may solicit an individual with vast experience who may bring innovation, expertise and new ideas.

Also, the company may want to select the prospect from the external because it allows the current employees to stay in their current positions reducing the overall cost that will be brought about from cross-training the current employee and then training the new employee. The new hire will be working for a centralized department as the new hire will have to report to senior management. A centralized method of operation was selected as this fits best considering the style, size and operations of the business.

Although suggestions, innovation, creativity and input are welcome, all final decisions will be rendered by senior level management. 4.1 Application form: The application form will be a standard form that gathers information on the prospect. Vital information such as name, address, employment history and experience will be the standard line of questioning. References will also be included on the application form and will be checked and verified. The job advertisement will be posted in local newspapers as well as internet job posting sites for a initial period of seven days.

However, this deadline may be extended if a candidate is not found with desired attributes. The company is not opposed to interviewing candidates that come highly referred by current employees. 5.0 Testing: There is no aptitude testing required for the available position, however the selected candidate will have to pass a drug test and background check. The desired candidate's drug test must be clear of any illegal substances and their background check must eliminate any felony convictions.

However, the company do retain the right to use discretion if minor violations arise on candidates that are highly favored. The usage of facebook, myspace and other social media will also be checked. This is becoming a more popular concept as it may eliminate candidates with inappropriate behavior patterns. The referencing of social media allows a more in-depth view into a potential candidates lifestyle which would ideally align with the company's mission statement. The testing will be out-source to reputable companies who specialize in background checks and drug tests.

The out-source company will be paid a contractual fee for services rendered. It will be the out-source company responsibility to ensure accuracy of the results of the investigations. 6.0 Interviewing The potential candidates will have an initial interview with 1 team of management. This first interview will be a combination of the general interview guide approach, which ensures that the same general questions be asked to all interviewees, and the standardized, open ended approach which allows open ended questions where the questions can be answered to the candidates liking.

The line of questioning will be carefully selected to contain measurable results that can scrutinized to filter out employees in an attempt to hire most desirable candidate. After utilizing the process of elimination, all desired candidates will have a second interview with several members of management team. During this interview, the same interview styles will be used. However, body language will be heavily observed. The ideal candidate will possess key competencies such as team alignment, self motivation, customer oriented and computer literacy.

Along with these key competencies, professional skills such as relationship management skills, proven project management skills and organizational skills will be sought. The combination of the content of the answers, body language and experience will be the deciding factor. The final decision as to who is hired will be rendered base upon a consensus of management. 7.0 Training Once the desired candidate is selected, the person has to be properly trained.

The selected candidate will be trained in rotation by the ABM (Assistant Brand Manager)/BM (Brand Manager) and MM (Marketing Manager) as to the expected duties that align with annual activities. Also, the new hire will be trained on software programs, orders, tracking orders, logistics and overall coordination of company functions. The training period should last a duration of a maximum of 2 weeks. The selected candidate has been scrutinized ensuring experience therefore the training period should primarily consist of familiarizing the new hire with our company's daily functions, operations and protocols.

Also the training period should familiarize the new hire with operational systems, operational programs and order processing procedures. 8.0 Performance Management and Appraisal In an attempt to measure the new hire employment strength, performance management and an appraisal will be conducted after 1 year of employment. The performance expectations should be S. M.A. R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely). The performance management will allow management to monitor employee conduct, periodic reviews to discuss successes and areas needing improving.

The employee will be provided with constructive criticism as to how to improve. The annual appraisal will attempt to evaluate an employees worth. This process will allow senior management to evaluate past goals and tasks, and develop future performance and expectations. The appraisal will be contrived of questions with measurable results to ensure that the newly hired employee is aligned with company's overall goals and missions. The employee will be fully aware well in advance as to what is expected of them and the appraisal will allow insight into those expectations and help determine if those expectations have been met.

A written log will be kept to help track the new hire performance. At the annual appraisal the documented results will be discussed and the employee will have an opportunity to express their feelings about working for the company as well. The annual appraisal will be a fair process with open constructive criticism where applicable. The interview will have a professional overtone and the interviewing management will implement effective listening skills, observe for body language and be direct and specific. The appraisal will consist of performance results from the first 90 days, mid-year and annual end survey.

This will allow documented measurements to be assessed for improvements of inefficiencies. The appraisal will be done on specific forms that are designed to measure results of performance and allow constructive feedback. 9.0 Career Management The new hire will be assisted with constructing career management plan as this will work to incite motivation, innovation and creativity.

The new hire will first begin with setting goals and objectives along with a strategy, which will be a general means to to accomplish the goals and objectives. The new hire should also develop specific means to implement the strategy. The specific means should consist of policies, rules and procedures that have to be followed in order to reach desired end results. Finally, there should be a systematic evaluation of the progress of the achievement of the objectives and goals.

The strategy may have to be altered or amended to reach desired end results and this ideology should not be abandoned if it is necessary. 10.0 Compensation Compensation will be based upon the average pay for the industry. The employee's skills and expertise will determine if the hired candidate base pay will come in on the low-to-high end of the the pay range for the open position. The salary is non-negotiable and the starting rate will be determined by senior management in charge of hiring.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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