Essays on Crafts to Humans Relations Supervision Essay

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The paper "Crafts to Humans Relations Supervision" is a great example of a management essay. The epoch is regarded as the beginning of contemporary project management. It is in this era that the shortening of the project schedule was realized through technological advancements. Automobiles permitted mobility and efficient resource allocation. The rate of communicating was increased by the telecommunications system. The Gant chart was created by Henry Gantt. The specification of jobs became a common phenomenon and later formed the foundation of the WBS. Actual projects include the Pacific Railroad, Hoover Dam and the Manhattan Project. The Pacific Railroad constructed in the mid-1850s entailed specialists, such as, engineers making an official report as soon as they received survey data from managers in the field which they would analyze and make up-to-date before sending it to project office forwarding to resident engineers who would, in turn, instruct field managers who were the project initiators.

The project office was responsible for relations with investors, conducting feasibility studies and carry out a cost-benefit analysis (Meredith & Mantel, 2011). The Hoover Dam was built in the early 1930s and an estimated 5,200 workers got jobs.

Besides, it is among the highest gravity dams in the United States capable of generating approximately four billion kilowatt-hours a year. The Manhattan project initiated in the early 1940s was among the very first research and development centers for manufacturing atomic bombs and had a cost of about $2billion and 125,000 employees. Management Science in Project Management The era of the late 1950s to late 1970s saw major technological advancements. In the late 1950s, the initial plain– paper copier was launched by Xerox.

Minicomputers, silicon chips and a computer programming language by Bell followed suit. Consequently, the era had inventions in computers and technology. In addition, the quantitative techniques of CPA, PERT and MRP were introduced in this epoch.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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