Essays on Marketing and Communication - P-Phone 120 in Australia Assignment

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The paper "Marketing and Communication - P-Phone 120 in Australia" is a good example of a marketing assignment.   Ever wondered how it feels like holding something that seems to have the mind of its own? Pentagon’ s new discovery called P-Phone 120 will help you discover this experience yet for the longest time, You are guaranteed so much more than ever, for so much less. P-Phone 120 is the biggest thing to happen to a smartphone since the invention of the wheel. Discover P-Phone 120, the world’ s slimmest and shatterproof smartphone in the market.

It doesn’ t seem possible to get a phone this slim. But here it is. It’ s the world’ s slimmest display ever. It is also the first of its kind. But this is just an appetizer. It is slimmer, smarter, and tough. It is a remarkably slim design that obviously makes room for greater display and greater speed. Has the first wireless that does not eat on the battery life. The headphones are beautifully designed to sound and fit comfortably. The timing could not be perfect even as Pentagon, which makes the smartphone, has for the first time, stepped out on its own to set the pace in the industry.

Pentagon’ s P-Phone 120 is the latest addition to its flagship products. The phone is designed, engineered, and branded by the Pentagon. The P-Phone 120 is fast, with an elevated, smooth design. By heavily investing in the camera, Pentagon came up with a nimble shooter. The camera takes incredible shots that surpass those of the competitors. The difference between them and us is that we will always tell all the truth; the truth is that you will be missing on the biggest deal of the year if you miss this phone. P-Phone becomes the world's slimmest and toughest smartphone that lets you into the world of classiness.

With our phone, we guarantee you will get you familiar with new adventure and class without a dent or a scratch whether you drop your phone while hiking the mountain or take a plunge into a pool. No need for any more agonies as a result of breaking your phone or screen. The camera has a combination of optical image stabilization and gyroscope.

The two functionalities steady your images and videos while capturing them. You will find this feature useful when moving while capturing a video while hiking This exceptionally marvelous, competently engineered gadget is the kind of smartphone with grand features you can be assured you will not find anywhere. Of course, after buying our phone, you will never feel like questioning Pentagon’ s claim to pre-eminence, as you obviously previously did with our competitors. Our exceptional mark of trust is quality because that is what our customers want. It has a fast processor, unbreakable screen, lightweight, long battery life, in-built tracking device to prevent the loss, waterproof, and is really slim.

Yet still, P-Phone has some much more outstanding and fascinating features, whose performance is top-notch. As a matter of fact, we do not concentrate on reinventing or imitating what others have in the market, we concentrate on innovation. When it comes to innovative specifications and features, everything else you will find in the market falls behind P-Phone. It has the best performing hardware and software features, such as 21-megapixel camera, eye-tracking technology, in addition to the capability to use the phone without having to touch the screen.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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