Essays on Marketing Plan of Unicorn Energy Drink Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan of Unicorn Energy Drink" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. It is an apparent fact that the approach of a particular company in its marketing strategy is integral in the achievement and sustainability of its competitive advantage in the market. This is more evident when there is intense competition in the market under which the firm is operating which threatens both its short and long-term operations. As a result, the utility of a profound approach in the marketing strategy is fundamental in the processes of launching a new product in the market, identification of the opportunities and threats, positioning the product and promotion among other processes.

This will, in turn, influence the extent to which the company will be efficient in surviving the intense competition in the market, both at the present and in the future. This fact is revealed by Anderson (1982) who cited that the role of marketing in strategic planning involves the identification of the most suitable long-term positions for the firm which stresses the necessity for proper identification of the opportunities in the current and future market.

All these logistics will inform the process of launching Unicorn Energy Drink, a prospective product that is to be manufactured and distributed by Heinz Australia, most predominantly in Sydney where the target market is located. Consequently, this report will inform the manager of Heinz Australia about Unicorn Energy Drink, outlining the nature of this product and how the process of marketing it will proceed. This will entail the analysis of the target market, positioning strategy, SWOT analysis of the manufacturing company, selection and rationale of the brand elements as well as building the brand image among other elements.

It is imperative to have a rudimentary insight into the operations of Heinz Australia in order to gain an understanding of the prospective niche of Unicorn Energy Drink in the market. Heinz Australia, an overview Established in 1869, Heinz Australia first engaged in the production and selling of horseradish. When this company was instigating its operations, there were no many government regulations on the wider food industry and the founder of the company Henry John Heinz became outstanding among the competitors based on his commitment to clean factories, spotless kitchen, the best ingredients for his products as well as clean jars which were used in the display of the Heinz products.

Since that time, Heinz has come a long way to produce a wide alley of widely cognized products while taking active responsibility for its people, community, consumers and the environment (Heinz Australia Corporate Social responsibility Report, 2005). From a humble company selling homegrown horseradish, Heinz Australia has evolved into becoming a major multinational company with leading brands in over 50 countries.

Today, the company employs more than 1,100 people who are spread in different manufacturing centers in Echuca, Wagga, Mill Park, and Northgate.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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