Essays on Guidance and Counseling on Health to the Veteran Families Case Study

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The paper "Guidance and Counseling on Health to the Veteran Families" is a good example of a marketing case study. The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc. is a non-profit making organization located in Australia. The organization was founded as the effect of common needs. Several organized but partnering groups, which weren’ t affiliated, from Wauchope, Sydney, Central Coast, Maitland and Tamworth initiated the unity in 1999. As a result of the bigheartedness and diligent efforts by memberships of the Central Coast group, a meeting was organized and 28 ladies (from these groups) were present.

During this conference, on 31st August 1999, a piloting committee was elected to supervise the fusion of the joined groups and have them united under the Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales (P. V.A, 2014). On November 1999, the organization held its first meeting at Broke NSW and membership requests got received from the founding members.   The Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales was merged with 130 members in May 2000. In this meeting, Mrs Lynne Cosgrove was voted as the Patron of the organization (P. V.A. , 2014). The National/parent body was formed in 2003 and had a branch in the state of Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia/Northern Territory and Victoria/Tasmania and thus enhancing the aim of being a one united, country-wide organization supporting and assisting the welfare, health and special needs of any partner of the veterans (P. V.A. , 2014). The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc.

(P. V.A. Australia Inc. ) is a non-profit, non- governmental, voluntary organization – that doesn’ t have any paid employee, all of them offer volunteering services.   P.V. A isn’ t funded by the Australian government – but their funding is gotten from the membership fees, application for any grant, donation and fundraisings (P. V.A. , 2014). Situation analysis Political forces The labor government of Australia is much supporting the P. V.A by saying that the discrimination of the war widows who are under 58 years is an outdated practice and the veterans should be supported with no biasedness.

The Australian country is also politically stable. President, Narelle Bromhead and Lesley Minner did attend the Senate Community Affairs Committee at Parliament House on Monday 3 November 2008 and agreed that those people who were born on or before 31 December 1945 would always be eligible for the partner service pensions (P. V.A. , 2014). Economic forces The organization can request for grants from the Australian government so that it can use the funds in facilitating the service of guiding and counselling the Veterans regarding health matters (Australian government grants, 2014). The unemployment rate is relatively low (in December 2007 it was 4.3 per cent) and the gross per capita income is around $39 000.

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