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Reference: 14IntroductionOrganizational charts have the implications of diagrams that are applicable to indicate the structure through which the company together with the relationships inherent in the company as well as the relative ranks with regard to the positions is interrelated. The implication of the term chart is a map of importance to the managers in the process of navigating through the patterns in as far as their employees are concerned. The essence of the charts is the organization of the workplace at the time of out lining of the direction taken by the control of the subordinates by the management (Dan La Botz, 2001). Executive SummaryThere is a factor in the organizational planning of the business that would contribute ultimately to the growth and the development of the organization itself.

The factor being the planning of the strategic planning, which would chalk out the working of an organization, concerned in a bid to expand and develop the task of growth further than it already has. It is in this sense that the importance of an organizational chart would come through, as these charts help in the planning process and a correct implementation of the planning process while the ultimate decision making is carried out by organization executives.

The following report will analyse put forward primarily the value that the development of an organizational chart would hold for an organization and then develop and organizational chart. It shall also plan for a travel agency that is looking to expand into a second location and the factors that would be up for consideration as far as this development is concerned. IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTSThe value addition of organizational charts as management tools are rooted on the process of the reorganization of the company, which is in the process of embarking on some merger as well as acquisitions.

This finds basis also on the need for a simple approach through which an extensive number of the company’s employees are visualized. The contribution of organizational charts is valued at the time of communicating the information as pertains the employees as well as the entire enterprise (Elkori & Elkori 2004). The chart is responsible for the simplification of the process through which the people comprehend as well as digest large volumes of information in the context of a visual picture in contrast to the form of tables bearing names as well as numbers(Barling, Weber & Kwlloway, 1996).

The greatest value of the organizational charts is based at the time of their application in form of frameworks responsible for the management of change together with the communication involving the current structure of the organization (Robert 2003). Figure 1: Non Profit Organizational ChartMission of AgencyThe agency is named Philip tours and travel and has had modest beginnings.

The basic aim when the agency was started was a small commercial venture with a hope to be an international tour and travel operator within the span of the proprietor’s leadership. The agency hopes to provide meaningful employment to enthusiastic and career oriented youngsters and make a name for itself in the travel arrangement world

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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