Essays on Marketing Strategy for Cathay Pacific Airline Case Study

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Generally speaking, the paper "Marketing Strategy for Cathay Pacific Airline " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Marketing is an important aspect of every business as it ensures the creation of profitable values by focusing efficiently and effectively on different marketing mechanisms. However, for Cathay Pacific Airline, the strategies include segmentation, targeting, and positioning which assist in building the appropriate relationship with the customers to guarantee their satisfaction, stay loyal, and ensuring improvement in the quality brand. From such background, the report aims at discussing various marketing strategies, critically undertake an analysis of various marketing activities, and proper implementation within the airline through the application of such concepts.

The airline is based in Hong Kong, offering various scheduled services for passengers and carriage of cargoes to different destinations across the globe. In most cases, the airline is abbreviated as CX. Since 1946, CX has been operating in Hong Kong. Through the years, airline management committed to investing in Hong Kong for purposes of development and is one of the leading institutions for travelers. Through integration with various subsidiaries, CX has had approximately 20,000 people.

With the competition within the airline industry, CX ranks third among the profitable airlines; however, it is fourth in terms of operating profit (Cathay Pacific, 2016). Therefore, is important for the airline to undertake proper marketing. Analysis of the CX’ s marketing strategies plays important role in understanding the theoretical foundation of the management and the practical importance of understanding the successful application of the marketing concepts by the airline. The report contains various sections that discuss important phases including planning decisions. The major areas addressed are segmentation, targeting, and positioning, customer value, and equity of the institutional brand.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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