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December 6th, 2012.Executive summary This report sets out to offer an analysis of the casestudy of Chacha hotel group. This will be done by a description of the problem that are currently facing the hotel, this will be followed closely by the identification of the features of the new information system that will be implemented in the hotels and a brief discussion of the issues that will be solved by the implementation of the system. The report recommends the implementation of information so as to solve the following problems: Eradication of multiple copies Privacy of data Lack of collaborationInconsistent of data IntroductionChacha hotel group has a chain of hotels and the main one is based in London and has other branches in Rome, Paris and in Edinburgh.

The chain of hotels aims at offering affordable as well as high quality comfort to all their visitors. Over time, the group has experienced a desirable reputation and this is mainly attributed to the comfort of their rooms and good support services which is attributed to the dedication of their staff members. The prominence of the hotel has over time reduced due to various organizational problems that the hotel is experiencing due to the current information system that is in place.

In relation to this, the hotel needs to implement a new information system so as to stay in business and to be able to compete favorable with their competitors in the market. Problems associated with Chacha hotelThe first difficulty facing the hotel is the inefficient in inefficiency in its execution of activities. This is because the hotel has no efficient means of booking for example, which have to be done manually or through phone calls.

Manual work has a lot of accompanying errors which hinder the outcome which was previously predicted in the hotels planning and projection. Such method of booking is usually accompanied by human errors which hinders the going on of the business activities (Robbins, 2012). There are other problems facing the Chacha hotels which are based on the information systems being applied and include: The situation of the record kept being not organized. Past records are usually used for future workings.

Most companies dwell on the past for them to survive in the future. It requires relooking at past areas and techniques and seeing whether they managed to succeed and hence apply it again if it previously had a handsome outcome which funded the other present outcome. This results to the same copies being duplicated in the computer hence misusing the current system storage size. These documents also do waste time in or during retrieval of a certain document. Crowded folder gives one a hard time to get the specific document.

The second problem is information from the systems of the hotels being inconsistent. This is brought about by haphazard collection and storage of document. Some of the document may be amiss which contain vital data about running the chain of hotels. Inconsistent data will always result in no comprehensive data. This will result to even the downfall of the chain of hotels due to lack of adequate data to be used in planning activities like projection for the forthcoming trading period. In such a situation some people may take advantage of the chain of hotels and they will thereby steal or pilferage some vital documents and hence some cash may be lost (Griffin, 2012).

The third problem is lack of collaboration and coordination between the chains of hotels. It is essential for such group of hotels to communicate between themselves because they share such resources such as finance whereby a hotel can finance the other incase it has the problems related to capital. They can also share human resource in order to cut down the cost of the running the hotels.

If they do not communicate some department will be left malfunctioning due to lack of assigned resources. It is an obvious fact that communication is forms the backbone of each and every move. In business it is either communication for success or failure to do so and the organization fails.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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