Essays on International Expansion Considerations - Madison International Company Case Study

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The paper "International Expansion Considerations - Madison International Company " is a perfect example of a business case study. Madison International Company is considering expanding its market after inventing a new revolutionary surf ski. The Spanish market is perceived to be a strategic region of expansion. The most appropriate strategy is to device a wholly subsidiary in Spain. Various issues in the international business sector have been evaluated based on various theories and concepts. The outcome of the analysis basically highlights that foreign direct investment can be best undertaken using a wholly subsidiary strategy. 1.1 Introduction Madison International Company is a company that has proven its inventory capacity after devising a new revolutionary Surf ski that has outdone all the existing Surf skis on the Australian market.

The organization has already undertaken its operations and new inventory to various regions of the Australian market. The business was incorporated in 2008 in Melbourne city and has managed to set up various branches in other parts of the country including Sydney. During the initiation the business was basically set up on measures of being an international organization, therefore it is vital to undertake international expansion plans that can actually increase the competitive advantage of the enterprise. 1.3 Purpose of the Report The objective of this particular report is to analyze the various strategies that the organization can utilize for the purpose of responding to international business issues.

I believe that our newly invented Surf Ski can provide a very lucrative market for our international operations. Therefore future expansion plans in regions such as Spain will not be that difficult due to the fact that our product speaks for itself. Furthermore, the report seeks to evaluate the most suitable international expansion strategy between export, licensing and a wholly subsidiary system. 2.0 International expansion Considerations Spain is one of the strategic countries in Europe that can facilitate easy market expansion specifically to other European countries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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