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The paper "The Entry of AmazonFresh into the Retail Market in the United Kingdom " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   The entry of AmazonFresh into the retail market in the UK was a calculated move to expand its online grocery business from the USA. The establishment of the business has furthermore faced a number of situations from the UK environment. This report, therefore, describes a situational analysis to define the nature and context of the online grocery business of AmazonFresh in the United Kingdom and place relevance upon the activities, the stakeholders and the factors affecting the new business.

The organizational analysis explains what the business of AmazonFresh is about and its aims and objectives, the strategies that the company has used to infiltrate the UK market as well as the marketing strategies used to attract consumers. The capabilities and performance are further discussed as well as an analysis of the brand and the logo of the organization. A consumer profile based on Acorn has also been compiled to explain the target market along with the consumer patterns and perceptions.

The report additionally describes the competition in the grocery market, looking at the market share and the marketing strategies of retail stores including Tesco and Sainsbury’ s. A market analysis of the business environment shows the external factors affecting AmazonFresh as well as the opportunities present for the organization. The report describes the product as well and outlines the main key issues identified after the analyses. Possible advertising objectives are finally suggested for possible campaigns to attract and entice the target market so that AmazonFresh can improve and expand its business in the United Kingdom. Executive Summary The new online retail grocery in the United Kingdom AmazonFresh has been introduced in the region with the purpose of providing fresh food through the internet to UK consumers.

AmazonFresh has introduced its product through strategies such as low pricing, easy web functionality and an efficient distribution process. Amazon has used advertisements online and through its trucks and tote bags to market its products. AmazonFresh has a reputable brand with a logo that appeals to the human sense of safety and a creative leaf on one of the letters.

AmazonFresh targets various consumer groups from the affluent achievers, comfortable communities and urban adversity types who are into buying grocery products online. The main competitors of AmazonFresh include Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’ s and Aldi as they deliver the online grocery product as well as physical products from their retail stores. The political environment in the UK is stable for the grocery business. There are also increased numbers of consumers who love healthy food as well as an increased number of internet users. AmazonFresh, therefore, has opportunities in the market as a result of increased online buying trends and a great number of fresh food consumers in the UK.

The AmazonFresh product is equally convenient as the consumers only need an internet device and the product will be delivered to their doorstep. The issues that affect the organization, however, include intensive competition, lack of pedigree, less appeal of the online grocery product and web functionality. The organization nevertheless plans to attract and entice more consumers through campaigns of the AmazonFresh product and online advertisements.



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