Essays on Zeal Optics as a High-Performance Eyewear Maker Assignment

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Marketing Case; Zeal Optical Company Introduction Zeal Optics is a company that deals with making of fashionable and very high performance ski goggles together with sunglasses. This company is among Fortune Small Businesses (FSB) that sells goods to retailers (Jaeger 2). These companies experience more competition from one another, which requires that zeal Optics plan in order to increase its customers and increase its annual sales. This paper will explore various issues that are facing the company and further give propositions to deal with the challenges. For instance, the company intends to expand the distribution of its products to retailers and optical stores, building demand (Hise 12).

The company identified new technology being more profitable. It intends to start selling its goods through online services that is part of its advertising programs and web optimization. The company needs to improve its marketing strategies using the new media and raise its growth capital. Strengthening books is another issue the company intends to undertake. Steps to undertake Zeal Optical company has greater opportunities to expand its market share. According to Scott Jaeger, there are two thousand five hundred retail shops to open in the country.

Although there are other companies like Smith, Oakley and Costa del mar, Zeal Optical is the only company that makes photochromatic ski goggles. This gives it a better chance in the market to step up and sell the goggles since retail customers need goods that sell (Hise 14). This will give the company an added advantage over its competitors. In Jaeger’s view, the company must stay in steady contact with its representatives so that they may give Zeal Company the required attention.

Advertisement in business informs customers of the products that are available. Kornish offered a valuable advice to the company (Jaeger 3). She urged the company to use Google’s free Web-traffic-analysis and analytics to understand better on how customers get and use the site. She added that the company should buy Long tail, Terms, which are longer and more specific than average search terms. In addition to her advice, she said that the company should develop good relationship with bloggers. Linking bloggers with Zeal Company can easily increase the ranking of its search engine encouraging customers to “chime in. ” The new media and technology are related to one another.

In relation to this aspect, Jaeger offered a very competent approach to engage the company with customers through features like Facebook, and twitter to come up with community sales people at the RE1 together with other retailers (Hise 34). Since Zeal Company falls under FSB, it has little capital ability. So, for the company to succeed it must engage in business activities that it is able to manage without straining.

The company should lay down proper foundation before engaging in larger business activities. Jaeger still has a proposal that the company should take interest in the swollen market of women’s glasses and goggles, although the entrepreneurs may not be willing to invest in them. Recommendations According to the propositions offered by the experts in dealing with the marketing and management of the Zeal Company, I believe that new technology can offer the best modes of marketing the company (Jaeger 5). It is possible for customers to view the company’s catalogue online and place their orders.

Facebook and twitter can be efficient to communicate with customers and respond to their questions either immediately or later. They also give chance to a wide range of customers to view the company’s products (Hise 38). Keeping in touch with representatives of the company will offer the company the ability to get responses from customers from all corners of the country. Works Cited Hise, Phaedra. A high-performance eyewear maker gears up for growth, The New Yorker Report 2005. Print. Jaeger, Scott.

Leisure Trends in the Media. New York: Macmillan publishers, 2000. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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