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The paper “ ANZ Bank Service Delivery System” is a   perfect example of a case study on marketing. The paper reviews service management systems, service blueprinting techniques utilized by the ANZ bank, Australia. The paper evaluates the appropriateness of the service delivery system in terms of its strengths and weaknesses from a theoretical perspective and specifies the areas for improvement; in addition, the paper suggests a Service Delivery Systems that is most adequate to improve the Service Delivery System of the organization from the clients’ perspective. Finally, the paper offers a diagrammatic representation of a service blueprint incorporating the suggested improvements by justifying the envisioned suggestions of the theoretical and practical perspectives.

The paper provides a discussion of the evolution and application of service blueprinting techniques. The complexity and diversity of the banking sector present challenges to the offering of service by the banks to the customers. The service blueprinting method offers means of capitalizing on the interaction of the bank and the customers to enhance the satisfaction of the clients. The paper discusses a web-based service delivery system, particularly the internet banking perspective. BackgroundAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited  commonly referred to as ANZ, is the fourth largest  bank in  Australia and the Leading Bank in New Zealand and serves personal, small business and corporate customers.

The bank offers diverse products and services such as deposit and transaction products, which include Term deposit, cheque accounts, at call deposit, Telephone banking, cash management, Overdrafts and Over the Counter banking. In addition, the bank provides international services including Off-shore banking services, foreign currency deposit accounts, Foreign exchange execution services, and traveler’ s cheques and global ATM access.

The bank also offers borrowing in terms of commercial facilities including business mortgage Loan, credit and margin facilities in terms of leasing and asset-based finance as well as loans and guarantees. This is in addition to a range of internationally accepted credit cards. In terms of investments, the bank offers Capital markets instruments such as government and corporate bonds and equity derivatives in addition to alternative and structured investments including bespoke investment solutions and private equity. Moreover, the bank handles managed investments and equities such as access to initial public offerings and discretionary and advisory or based portfolio management.

From the planning perspective, ANZ customers enjoy estate planning and asset protection, superannuation and retirement planning including financial risk management and personal risk management in terms of insurances. The diversified nature of the bank's services has made the bank to interact with customers through different levels, Barabba, (1995). There are different ways to bank by the customers such as internet banking, traditional banking, mobile banking, phone banking, and ATMs and EFTPOS. The banks' management espouses improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of services; however, the complexity and variability of services offered by the bank mean that the bank has to utilize different Service Delivery Systems so as to achieve the desired objectives.

The service encounter, which is a period of time during which a customer interacts directly with a service, the bank has therefore utilized different service delivery systems. The banking environment offers diverse service delivery components covering aspects such as identity management, authentication, charging and payment, customer data mining, content adaptation, customer interaction and analytics, and customer credit evaluations.

Therefore banks had to implement different service delivery systems such as centralized service delivery systems for services such as loan appraisals, client-focused service delivery, location-based service delivery for the branch banking services and web-based service delivery for internet banking.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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