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10/10/2012IntroductionALDI is a grocery enterprise that was started in 1913. The food supermarket is reputed as the top most retail outlet worldwide (ALDI, 2012). ALDAI has a goal of “providing customers with the products they buy regularly and ensure that those products are of the highest possible quality at guaranteed low prices” (ALDI, 2012). The company focuses on consumer safety, health and wellbeing as well as product sustainability (ALDI, 2012; b). Its first store was established in Essen, Germany in 1913 but the retailer has developed to open several branches in different part of the world.

Today ALDI has about 700 stores outlets selling fresh products of the food industry such as cheese, yoghurt, sausages and meat. The stores are located in different countries serving millions of people (ALDI, 2012; c). ALDI takes a number of Cooperate Responsibility Services (CSR) with a focus of: minimising energy efficiency in their trade, reduce the environmental impact of its business aiming to lower carbon footprint (ALDI, 2012; b). ALDI is currently undertaking a project that targets to reduce obesity levels in consumers. PROJECT BACKGROUNDObesity has become a global epidemic to children.

The conditions stems from unhealthy feeding habits. According to Krem. com (2012), biological, behavioural and environmental factors are associated with obesity. The condition, results from imbalance of energy in which case, the patient consumes too much calories while not engaging in sufficient physical activity. According to report by Australian Institute of health and Welfare, over 60% of Australian adults were overweight by June 2011(The Conversation. edu, 2011). It is also observed that, behaviour and environment plays a major role in causing overweight (Krem. com, 2012).

To this end, modification of these conditions can be a prevention line. Jerry Balentine (2012) observes that “obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration; it is a chronic medical disease that can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and gallstones. It is difficult to treat and has a high relapse rate – over 95% of obese who lose weight regain it within five years”. ALDI, informed by the public concern of growing cases obesity and the feeling to serve clients better, is embarking on a program to reduce it significantly among the consumers.

Background of ProposalWith a considerable knowledge about the health repercussions of obesity, the increasing cases of this chronic condition and the fact that obesity can be minimised, ALDI seeks to embark on a CSR project that will see a significant reduction in overweight in coming years. The grocery targets residents of Victoria as a starting point with a projection of reducing obesity rate by year 2014 within the suburbs of the town. The project targets the external environment and in particular the human activities as a sure way of reducing obesity given the high reoccurrence rate of this condition.

This project is very important both to ALDI and consumers. The company will be able to enlarge its market base since it will attract so many beneficiaries of this offer and for a long period of time. ALDI business will expand since it will provide the healthy food supplements to customers over and over. On the other hand, consumers will acquire skills on healthy living and on how to increase life span.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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