Essays on The Role Played by Human Resource Management, Motivation, and Decision Making in Dell India Case Study

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The paper “ The Role Played by Human Resource Management, Motivation and Decision Making in Dell India” is a breathtaking variant of the case study on human resources. Dell India has been working towards expanding and upgrading its products and services in order to provide its customers with unmatched experience and value-based products and services. According to an article by SME Channels (2012), Dell India has opened an exclusive 1300 square-feet store in Hyderabad. This exclusive Dell store will provide a wide range of Dell consumer products such as laptops, desktops, AIOs, Alienware brands, XPS, and other related peripherals.

Similarly, an article by Indiainfoline News Service (2012) depicts that in a bid to provide its consumers with next-generation technology solutions and efficient services, Dell India intends to implement a strategic alliance with Ramco Systems. This move is bound to strengthen Dell’ s growing portfolio of software service solutions that enable organizations to efficiently manage and grow their businesses (Indiainfoline News Service 2012; EFY times 2012). This essay examines the important role played by three functions of management that are motivation, people management, and decision making with reference to articles on Dell India’ s move towards expansion and upgrade of its products and services (SME Channels 2012; Indiainfoline News Service 2012; EFYtimes 2012).

The importance, implications, and applications of these three functions are carefully examined and analyzed. Moreover, the role of each aspect in the success of Dell’ s strategic goals and objectives is taken into account and explained as it applies to the case scenario. Managing PeopleBased on SME Channels' (2012) article on Dell India’ s move towards expansion and upgrade of its products and services, it is evident that Dell India’ s strategic goal is to provide its customers with unequaled customized expert advice on the right Dell products which will suit their specific needs.

In order to achieve this, the company is rolling out an expansion plan aimed at bringing its services as close to the consumers as possible.


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