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The paper "Human Resource Planning" is a good example of a human resources assignment.   Human resource manager should screen and track the performance of every stated task on a monthly basis. This will enable the organization to realize the consistency of staff as well as their attention towards what they are assigned to do in their job descriptions. After every two months, human resource team should sit down and work on small process reengineering if at all there is a need to improve on the job design and description. This is important because the organisation can easily realize the performance standards under the current working conditions and use the outcome to reengineer the process.

As a result, suitable tasks will be incorporated into the job description and less valuable will be removed. Job security The HR team should compare job demands and staffing recommendations on the same. There are some tasks that need extra capacity than what the staff currently needs. Comparing these two aspects will help the organisation under the human resource department to identify skills and knowledge gaps and prepare the time for training of staff members. Compensation system and pay rates The organization should offer sufficient funds to improve and cater to the expectations of the staff.

Offering sufficient funds will improve working conditions and behaviour of staff towards their assigned tasks. They also get motivated and perform their responsibilities to the expected level. Level of employee participation The HR manager should ensure that all employees in the organization join a system of employee involvement program. This will enable them to upgrade the quality of their work lives. Improvement of their work lives will reflect positive performance in their tasks thus improving quality in the organization (Apostolou, 2000). Performance appraisal The HR manager should be setting and sharing clear performance goals for the organization.

Also, linking individual and group performance to compensation will help foster internal competition of the business (Sekhri, 2010). The business will, therefore, buy-in only performances that are consistency over time thus improving quality. Training and development Training and development should be done at least twice in a year each after six months. Employees will be always updated with the changing demands of their jobs. Doing training twice a year is highly recommendable because it will foster continuous improvement particularly when it comes to operative objectives (Mannel R, Mannel RS, 2006). If Competitive strategy is innovation Job design/descriptions The HR management team should divide job requirements proportionally into three.

Analytical abilities should cover 40% of the job description, consultative capabilities 40% and project management skills should cover 20% of the job description. The reason for focusing much on consultative skills and analytical capabilities is because the organisation expects individual in this position to expand abilities within staff thus enhancing innovation (Bondarouk & van der Heijden 2009). Job security The organization should retain innovative, inclusive and workable staff.

This will give the staff an assurance of tomorrow since their efforts are recognized. It is important to maintain workable and innovative staff because they are valuable assets of the organization. Also, they have the ability to adapt to a new environment due to changes in technology.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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