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05, 04, 2011Human Resources and Needs AnalysisEtisalat Company Part 1Description of company’s goals as well as its activitiesEtisalat Company is a corporation existing inside the Gulf companies for telecommunications. It is a United Arab Emirates provider of mobile telephone services among other telecommunications services. “The company was set up in the year 1976 being the first one to introduce mobile telephones in the region of Middle East” (Taylor 2). Etisalat is a world recognized organization following its stature as a joint stock company with high rank market capitalization activities.

The company carries out its activities within its relatively large structure of organization. It has extended its networks to offer telecommunication services all over the Middle East region and has introduced branches in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Among its other activities include operations in the most extensive network of the region involving direct link of up to one hundred and eighteen destinations with a strong international network that reaches up to four hundred and fifty destinations. It is actually the largest internet hub of the region and also acts as the regional hub for all intercontinental systems of cables.

Etisalat also engages in activities like e-voice services offering, e-mobile, e-connect, e-capacity, e-broadband and Emix-IP Transit Services (Taylor 3). The human resources and development division of the company is dedicated towards fulfillment of the following goals and objectives: The department in conjunction with the management of the company is dedicated to ensure delivery of wholesale services that are of high quality in a comprehensive portfolio and extend the reach of mobile operators, carriers and ISP’s globally. Among the target activities include offering a range of fixed line services over the next generation network as well as enable the users of mobile phones to access a number of services and applications such as 3G, GPRS, Black Berry among other applications.

Another goal is to ensure that internet users experience value additions like free and fair anti-virus programs as well as anti-spam programs. Other value additions anticipated include achieving expanded mailboxes and upgrading the speed of the broadband connection (Taylor 8). Existing organizational chart for Etisalat CompanyDescription of the existing organizational structureThe type of existing organizational structure for Etisalat Company is known as a hierarchical structure of organization.

“Each organizational entity in the company is subordinate to another single entity except one entity which is the top most entity (chief executive office)” (Burgess 51). The company practices an organizational structure with extinct and clearly defined position levels in form of a hierarchy. According to the company’s arrangement, there are various levels of power starting with singular power groups at the top followed by other power levels below it. This organizational structure fits because the structure clearly defines each and every member, their level, power as well as their immediate bosses and subordinates.

In this way, there is less contradiction over reporting channels and responsibilities. Every member knows who to report to and whom he/she expects a report from. The power reduces from top to bottom of the organizational chart with the CEO being the top most level and the subordinate staff being the lowest level as demonstrated in the above organizational chart (Burgess 53).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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