Essays on One-Week Itinerary for Couple in Venice - Justification of the Excursions in Terms of 7Ps Case Study

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The paper “ One-Week Itinerary for Couple in Venice - Justification of the Excursions in Terms of 7Ps - Justification of the Excursions in Terms of 7Ps" is an exciting example of a case study on marketing. In the morning, you will arrive at the city’ s Marco Polo Airport, and check into your hotel, Hotel Danieli. You have a whole week before you to enjoy fully the beauty of Venice, a city of love and luxury.   Upon keeping your luggage in your rooms, you can walk around the city aimlessly in order to familiarize yourself with the place.

Take lunch at your hotel, and relax before going out for a gondola ride. There is nothing more exciting and romantic than punting slowly over Renaissance buildings and beautiful baroque. You can pick a gondola at any of the Main bridges in Venice, the Accademia, or Rialto. Just check out for the driver’ s striped shirt or a boater hat. A trip to Venice would be incomplete without this gondola ride around the city’ s scenic waterways (Rutherford 2012). To get a full romantic Venice experience, go for the sentimental Private Gondola Cruise with Dinner.

Here, you will have your gondolier serenade you as you go through the Byzantine palaces, as well as bridges. In fact, these features make Venice popular in a Private Gondola. At the climax, your gondola will dock near Restaurant Antica Carbonera that you may reach on foot. Here, you will have an intimate dinner for two at the tucked-away eatery. This experience will cost you only £ 91. Alternatively, you can have a Gondola Ride with Dinner. This is a magical way of spending an evening in the city, as it combines a cruise on an iconic gondola and a pleasant dinner in one of the city’ s greatest famous restaurants.

Your evening will start with a gentle Gondola tour along the Venetian waterways, in which you can share the Gondola with other tourists. After 40 minutes of the cruise, you can continue to a lovely restaurant to enjoy a delectable three-course meal in your hotel, before going to bed. This will cost you about £ 31 (Rutherford 2012). 01/08Begin your day by visiting the Venetian art at the Church of the Frari.

For passionate, religious works of art by Titian, the Venetian painter, the Church of the Frari is the right place. The old Gothic church within the low-key San Polo district is one of the renaissance art galleries. For more romance, stroll hand-in-hand with your partner by the quiet squares and concealed alleyways on the way. In the evening, follow Casanova’ s footsteps. Here, you can view the romantic Venice via the eyes of the globe’ s most popular lovers, Casanova. Sip wine with your lover at the Do Spade bar, situated on Calle de Spade, close to the Rialto Bridge, where Casanova met his lovers (Rutherford 2012).

Alternatively, you can visit the Doge’ s Palace, which was Casanova’ s prison home, prior to his escape. Return to your hotel for dinner and sleep. 02/09Start your day by taking a sumptuous breakfast at Hotel Danieli. Then, go for an excursion with your parents in the Venetian Islands, across the Venetian lagoon by a motorboat. The islands include Murano, Burano, and Torcello. First, you can go on a boat to Murano, a Venetian Island well known for its superb glasswork.

Secondly, proceed to Burano, which is famous for lace, and lastly to Torcello, which is popular with the city’ s first cathedral. These islands will give you engaging sightseeing. You will marvel at the Murano’ s beautiful crystal, which has been produced since the 10th century when the city’ s traders returned the production secrets from the East. Here, you can wander in the streets as you buy signature colored glass ornaments. On Burano, there will be a great experience of pastel-colored cottages of the anglers, which are as pretty as lace.

This also gives you an opportunity to negotiate with lace sellers (Rutherford 2012).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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