Essays on An Effective Performance Management Program for NCEMA Case Study

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The paper "An Effective Performance Management Program for NCEMA" is a great example of a case study on management. This paper examines the issues and information available to NCEMA in making a choice of a performance management system to deploy within its organization. Several different well-known types of performance management programs are first described, followed by an examination of how agencies similar to NCEMA approach the same task. The budgetary, organizational, and philosophical requirements of implementing a performance management system are presented, along with a sensible recommendation for NCEMA for its own program. The National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) is the federal organization of the United Arab Emirates responsible for coordinating and managing the government’ s response to emergencies and disasters.

Coming under the authority of the National Security Council of the UAE, NCEMA is also charged with the development of a national policy regarding emergency response, training, and management of emergency personnel at all levels. (CEMC, 2007) Given these critical responsibilities, it is vital that NCEMA develop and implement a performance management program within its organisation, so that the leadership and people of the UAE can be assured that the agency to which they will turn in times of calamity is operating at the peak of its efficiency and effectiveness. 1.

Performance Management Systems The BNet Business Dictionary defines performance management as “ the facilitation of high achievement by employees. ” (BNet, 2008) This definition, while rather glib, is actually very accurate. A performance management system is a system by which the performance of employees can be measured against a set of objective standards, for the purposes of identifying corrective actions – or by the same token, people or actions deserving special recognition and praise – to improve the performance of employees individually and collectively in relation to achieving the overall goals of the organisation.

Some of the different methods organizations can use to fulfill this task are summarised below.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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