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The paper "Informative and Persuasive Presentation" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Before issuing an informative or persuasive presentation, presenters should first establish the purpose of their presentation. An informative presentation provides specific information to one’ s target audience. When issuing an informative presentation, the speaker purposes to inform the audience of information they may not have. Even though the target audience may be having some general knowledge, the informative presentation should provide extra, new and in-depth information regarding one's topic. It is nonpartisan whereby it does not advocate one idea over the other.

The speaker issuing Informative presentation should help his/her target audience to understand the subject better in a manner they will remember what they learned later (James, 2012). An example of a sales report that aims in issuing sales report to the management as per the given date. On the other hand, when issuing a persuasive presentation, the speaker aims at convincing the audience to agree with their point of view. The presenter works toward making the audience agree fully or partially with the expressed view.

For example, a salesperson trying to persuade an audience to purchase his/her product or service. It’ s partisan whereby the presenter will give the pros of what they are offering in comparison with others (James, 2012). This will entail giving evidence through graphs, statistical data, or even charts to the audience. 8.6 This is a B4 paragraph response to the first Journal question under module 8.6 Presentation link https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=wypVDqdM-4M In this presentation, I find the introduction so effective. The presenter introduces the topic of globalization in such a way that it catches the attention of his audience.

He uses the introduction to reveal the message of the presentation which is globalization as it pertains international business. He further outlines the aims of the presentation into simple objectives of what is globalization, globalization strategies and interdependencies in globalization. Further, he introduces the topic by giving an example of what globalization is thus creating an overview to his audience about the topic. Later, he uses the introduction to lead into the body of his presentation (Richea, 2013). In this presentation, I would improve on supporting materials. I would gather more information relating to globalization, use statistical data and charts that illustrate about globalization.

I would suggest more reading on globalization from website, journals and even books. Apart from including other disciplines, I would major more in my presentation topic so as to create more clarity. This would allow the audience to fully comprehend the topic. Moreover, I would include a conclusion. This would summarize the topic as well as elaborate on how globalization is shaping world business and the future it holds (Richea, 2013). 9.2 This is a B7 paragraph response to the first Journal question under module 9.2 I think the principle of consensus still works.

This is based on the fact that people are unsure of certain situations and hence look forward to other people for their opinion. In this note, people are persuaded to buy things owned by other people or are going to buy them. People are of the rule; safety in numbers. For instance, when purchasing a product we don’ t know about, there is a feeling of safety from knowing that there are other satisfied customers.

Further, when deciding to hire a service provider or a contractor, we look on our neighbors for their opinion on the one they feel satisfied with (James, 2012).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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