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The paper "SEHA the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PESTLE Analysis" is a perfect example of a business case study. SEHA the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company is the developer for SEHA HealthSystem. This is a PJSC healthcare company which is independent. The company operates and owns Abu Dhabi Emirate’ s public clinics and hospitals. Describe the purpose and goals of an organization (AC1.1)   SEHA has embraced Business Intelligence and pioneers its use in enhancing the provision of quality healthcare services to its patients and all people living in the Emirate. This is being achieved through developing the capacity of her managers to assess the cost and quality of healthcare services provided to the patients.

Her managers have therefore been perceived as an important asset in attaining her objectives. One of SEHA’ s main activities is to enhance the accessibility of relevant information to her managers and clients. SEHA operates primary healthcare clinics, 62 ambulatory and 12 hospitals in total. She holds a market share of 80% and this is expected to grow as more patients are likely to be attracted to her services. Our Mission SEHA is committed to maintaining the lead in the constant provision of comprehensive, accessible, superior and affordable health services to her community members and the entire region in a cost-effective and socially responsible manner and in accordance with the world class standards. Our Vision To develop a world-class and well-maintained healthcare system for the clients utilizing services provided by SEHA. To develop a strong and focused management team by encouraging the team to own SEHA’ s 2011 and 2012 operational priorities to ensure that set objectives for 2015 are achieved. Describe the products, services and customers of an organization (AC1.2) Services & Specialties Abu Dhabi Health Services Company is geared towards improving her services to compare with other service provides at the world-class level.

She aims to achieve this by developing the capacity of her managers through training and improving the accessibility of information regarding healthcare services. The ability of managers to calculate the cost of services against their quality will ensure that our patients receive quality and cost-effective services. Since the launching of our Business Intelligence Portal, functionally and important data has been fed to the system and is now available to the management team.

Managers can now access financial, human resources, operations and clinical information with one click. The privacy and confidentiality of client’ s records have been enhanced in that this information is only available in the Business Intelligence Portal as statistical data while the patient’ s records are kept completely separate electronic records. Training is held to be of great value especially with the introduction of a new system. There is also a general portal accessible to hospital staff, physicians and the general public. SEHA’ s web portal also provides value-added services including tender issuing, information about SEHA, announcements, news, and any event that is in line with her services. http: //www. ameinfo. com/229220.html PESTLE analysis PESTLE Analysis of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)] Political The political system supports healthcare and SEHA’ s mission and vision are in line with the agenda of the healthcare of the Abu Dhabi government. HAAD (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi) analyses, monitors and defines strategies for the provision of healthcare services.

HAAD also analyses health population status thus directing SEHA in her operations. HAAD campaigns on healthy living and increasing awareness of the health status of community members support SEHA in attaining her set objectives. Economic Mandatory Healthcare Insurance introduces has played a great role in the economic maintenance of SEHA as this insurance is used to finance the medical system.

This resulted in a boom in the sector. Currently, the market share is 80% and this is likely to increase with improved time and cost-effective services. This will result in increased profit margins though the cost of services will be lower. International competition has been enhanced by the application of the internet to be used in advertisement among other activities Social Involvement of the company in social events such as Arab Health Innovation and Achievement Awards links the company to the social world giving patients a chance to learn about their services. Involvement of all stakeholders and consultancy firms such as PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) in developing the governance structure, business processes, procedures and policies, objectives, financial plan, business plan and the road map ensures that stakeholders on the services. The ability to easily integrate with other organizations such as Vienna Medical University, Cleveland and Clinic Foundation and Johns Hopkins Medical International which are some of the leading institutions improves her capacity to transfer knowledge. Technological Application of modern web services to enhance service provision through skill development and improved accessibility of important information. Replacing SEHA’ s Al Ain and MAfraq hospitals with modern new facilities (state-of-the-heart) by the end of 2013 will enhance service provision and ensure quality and timely services. Introduction of Electronic Medical Records to improve on pricy and confidentiality and improvement of IT such as Oracle ERP has resulted in an electronic unity of SEHA’ s businesses which simplifies the management. Legal Adhering to the existing and new civil service and international labor laws as she strives to offer services that are measured against worldwide wide standards. Utilizing technology to inform their staff members and the communities benefiting from their services of new policies and procedures to eliminate the possibility of one acting out of ignorance. Avoiding financial penalties by ensuring that her staff members who sum up to 14 000 employees follow set immigration department laws and ensuring that information regarding the law is available to her employees. Environmental Reduced number of death and advanced disease level which in turn reduces waste products such as the medication being used.

This is because the provision of quality services reduced the inflow of patients and the number of deaths. Introduction of modern technology and better equipment to increase the output and reduce wastage of time and resources. Protection of the environment by conducting activities that are environmentally friendly with the realization that a healthy environment will ultimately result in a healthy community. This has been enabled by the collaboration of SEHA with the Environmental Agency-Abu Dhabi.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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